Our HVAC Division specializes in maintenance, repair, replacement of equipment and new HVAC installation. APOLLO Air Conditioning is fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations makes us the BEST choice.

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We can help you with the following services:

APOLLO Air Conditioning will be prepared to take new installation jobs on board, and ensure the timely delivery and efficient performance of the system.

APOLLO Air Conditioning will execute the repair work with high standards of the practice. After an accurate assessment of the fault, and the acceptances of the repair quote the equipment will be put back into operation with minimal shutdown period.

APOLLO Air Conditioning will advise its customers to replace the equipment when the cost of repair becomes un-economical. This will be done smoothly and with the least inconvenience.

In general, Air Conditioning equipment has an average life cycle, depending on the ambient conditions and surrounding environment.

We will help you, through our thorough and professional service, to prolong the life cycle of your equipment. There are Service Packages designed to be beneficial to our customers and shall suit different client’s preferences.

Once you sign up for an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) the cost of call outs and labor for the repair will be FREE.

The packages are:
– Monthly
– Bi-Monthly
– Quarterly

In addition, we are also ready to do a one-off time service as per your request.